Each anchor point evaluated will be certified to meet OSHA standards and will meet the most current ANSI 08 and 09 Fall Protection standards. Once an anchor point has been certified by our virtual Qualified Person a certificate will be issued to your company to be printed and kept in company files for OSHA review.  Each certified anchor point is permanently backed up in you user history at 3 separate locations by FPPi. This gives you the security of always having access to your records even when your systems are down.     

Companies who are interested in the FPPi Anchor Point Program as cost saving measure to insure that at the end of the day everyone goes home may wish to purchase multiple licenses.

Please contact our home office at 920 632-7685 ask to speak with our customer service representative who will explain the cost of each additional license and the amount of help desk time included with the initial purchase of multiple licenses. An online demo and the possibility of one of our Fall Protection Professionals off a group tutorial class to ensure each user will completely understand the workings of the Anchor Point Program is available for interest companies. The additional purchase of help desk time, as well as any additional training in fall protection to ensure your company is able to keep business moving forward on time and on budget may also be discussed during the conversation.

Important Items to Remember

  1. Each anchor point that is certified through the FPPi Program is backed up on our onsite serve, and 3 separate locations so you as a customer will always have a record and documentation on each anchor point successfully designed by the FPPi Anchor Point Program.
  2. The license is a year in duration
  3. Access will be denied if the yearly fee is not paid 15 days prior to the renewal date
  4.  Help desk time may be purchased in ¼ hour increments for $37.50      

Additional Fall Protection Training offered by FPPi

 FPPi has on staff a Qualified Person able to train both competent and qualified fall protection classes. These classes usually consist of 5 or more persons to be trained at your facility or our facility. FPPi will all so offer classes on quarterly basis for companies to train new field & safety professionals each class will include the use and limitations of the FPPi Steel Anchor Point Program. Please contact us at our customer service number of 920 632-7685 to discuss how we can help you keep an edge over your competitors who will need to outsource this specialty.

FPPi offers on site inspection of your facility. We will recertify your anchor point on a yearly basis to insure OSHA compliance. FPPi is available to help you develop a comprehensive Fall Protection Program to keep your business moving forward on time on budget and assuring that at the end of the day, everyone goes home.

On every site there are those problems that will not be able to be solved by the FPPi Anchor Point Program we offer operation analysis to all of our customers. Let FPPi's qualified person help your organization stay one step a head of its competition. FPPi qualified person is available for those really difficult anchor point problems. Give our help desk a call at 920 632-7685.                   

License Application

To apply for a license for the Fall Protection Professionals Inc. Anchor Point Evaluation Program, please contact us at  (920) 632-7685 or by e-mail at

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